Darker Office 2013 Theme Purple


Thought you guys would appreciate this one. ¬†ūüôā

Bare in mind whatever theme hacks are possible through the collaboration on this blog; there may always be some adverse affects from other¬†Office updates, but whenever a Hack is made available I’ll include some information on backing up the the files before you apply¬†any changes. ¬†Basically just a matter of making a quick file copy. ¬†Easy peasy.


Darker Office 2013 Theme Hacks


You want an Office 2013 theme that is EASY on the eyes? Is that so hard to ask??

( http://twitter.com/OfficeThemeHack )

A writer needs something comfortable to look at. Visually relaxing.  We are behind this app for many many hours.

Suppose… there was a way you can fix the Office 2013 theme to look similar?

Certainly NOT using the Office configurations. You only have 3 choices. Thats it. Look up all ‘how-to’ blogs you want, but it’s still going to come down to those same 3 annoying options.

Solution? Hack the files. It’s probably going to come down to an .XML or .DLL file. It will be some benign setting, or color hash. Question is… Finding it. I will checkout this stuff, and see what I can see.

If I find anything ( or if you do ) please comment on this site. We ALL need to know how to do it.

Once we find out; I’ll take the liberty of writing up a custom ‘how-to’ on hacking the Office 2013 themes. I might even supply the .xml, or .dll files to make it quick and easy.